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Fvorboda's Journal

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This journal is for my posts on Belly Dancing, clubbing and other dancing, friends, family, personal adventures and events, personal and professional studies, rants, and other ramblings! A little bit about me..I work for the government, part time Belly Dance teacher, FranklinSquires/Enginuity investor. I enjoy all facets of life, but the extreme in particular. I research and study anything unusual...auras, chakras, trauma, paranormal, dreams, psychology, and of course, people. I have interest in a variety of things from dragons, swords and daggers, and role-playing to cosmetology, poetry and lyric writing, and tattoos. I also find very uninteresting things interesting. I want to know as much as I can about you. I am known for my endless supply of questions (mostly the bizarre) and my constant search for knowledge. I write entirely too much poetry and lyrics. I have philosophical tendencies, so watch out...consequently, I babble a lot too. See?