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04 November 2008 @ 09:20 pm
I Voted for Barack Obama  
A group of us were over at my house anxiously awaiting the reports to come in over the news. When we saw Barack's votes jump HUGELY over the 270 required, we couldn't believe it at first. We thought maybe the numbers were just the predictions. Could it be? We were all so excited. We were wiggling in our seats, tearing up, and we could hardly wait for Obama's speech. We saw McCain's speech and heard the booing that came with it. I drove my Girlfriend to her apartment and heard Obama's speech on the way home. I was clapping and cheering and tearing up in the car. When I got home and watched the end of his speech, I could see something I had never seen before in the eyes of post-election gatherings...Hope. Hope in the eyes of the people, tears in the eyes of African-Americans and tears in the eyes of the whitest of Caucasians. There is an unspoken message in the image of Oprah crying on the shoulder of a "white man".

Later that night, when everyone had left and the news was quiet, I continue to keep up with Prop 8 online. I watched as the "Yes" numbers grew faster than the "No" votes. It was hard. It gave that "you win some, you lose some" irony that just depressed me. There is so much those "Yes" voters don't understand. I have listened to Yes voters. I have tried to understand their point of view and even tried to find flaws in my way of thinking. I have found none. Not one Yes voter has come to me with a good, logical argument.

I hope this president can make some good changes in America. I hope the first African-American president can help our economic failures and lead us in new directions. I hope that more and more people will take the blindfold off and see the rights of human beings as equal, rather than judge and persecute based on gender, race, religion, etc. I hope that McCain supporters can listen and grow in this leader. I hope that the structure of America will be built stronger and the foundation of America will become more solid.

I hope.
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful